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About the Sleights and Sandsend Medical Practice

The practice formed as a result of a merger in April 2011. There are two surgeries, a main surgery in Sleights and a branch surgery in Sandsend. Both of the surgeries carry on the traditions and philosophies of the two previous seperate practices which have been serving the area for many years. Although both  of the practices have been around since the early days of the NHS, the current Churchfield Surgery was purpose built over 25 years ago while the branch surgery in Sandsend has been in operation for more than 30 years, however this has recently been redeveloped in 2016. The Practice is proud to serve Sleights and Sandsend as well as Whitby and its surrounding villages.

If you wish to register with us please speak to one of the receptionists. They will be happy to explain the registration process, answer any questions and discuss any preference of practitioner you may have.

Our approach to your healthcare

  • We encourange and empower patients to take control of their own wellbeing.
  • We care for the whole person and treat people as individuals.
  • We listen to our patients.
  • We treat patients with respect, compassion, honesty, dignity and protect the information they share with us. We care about this community and work with a variety of organisations to improve the help and well-being of the community.
  • We are reducing the carbon costs of the practice
  • We value each others contribution as a team. We support each other and encourage each member of the team to develop in response to their own and the practices needs.
  • We acknowledge our limitations, making these a basis for an ongoing  process of  learning and growth. When we make a mistake we openly evaluate it, learn from it and make improvements to prevent it happening again.
  • Whatever our personal beliefs may be, as a practice we have no religious or party political affiliation.
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